Which countries have embraced cryptocurrencies?

A tool to get a feeling where in the world 🌍 trading volume is coming from — or which countries have adopted cryptocurrencies. The data is based on Bitcoin trading volume of the past 24 hours. Data from cryptocompare.

Hover over the currency to reveal its full name. Volume (%) is the part of the current volume the currency is responsible for. Volume (BTC) is the volume in Bitcoins. Volume (24%) shows the change compared to 24 hours ago.

CurrencyVolume (%)Volume (BTC)Change (24h)

Some examples what I use Volume.fyi for:

You can also see how volume changes over time. The Bank of England warned today that bitcoin faces a regulatory crackdown, now GBP 🇬🇧 volume is down 39% compared to 24 hours ago. https://t.co/OqLGnG0qNl pic.twitter.com/8DsD4AQhxR

— Volkert (@volkert) March 2, 2018

I use it to monitor which countries have embraced cryptocurrencies. Did you know Bitcoin is huge in Vietnam? 🇻🇳 pic.twitter.com/5BSFkqkOCt

— Volkert (@volkert) March 2, 2018

Inspired by segwit.party and fork.lol